About us

Steffen Jensen

Co-managing director and founder of CitiusRemex

Steften’s dedication to rowing started in 2003 and since 2006 he has been a part of the National team. He is currently studying Master of Science in Business Administration and Commercial Law at Copenhagen Business School and expects to graduate in April 2015.

Steffen has been part of the Danish national team since 2006 leading him to win two bronze medals in the lightweight men’s quadruple scull at the senior World Championships and a gold medal at the U23 World Championships.

About the seat: ·1 have had trouble sitting on a rowing seat and especially an indoor erg rowing seat – we want to meet those problems with our eye-oatching seat. Currently, a good rawing seat for an indoor rowing machina doesn’t exist, except for our seat.”

Jacob Barsøe

Co-managing director and founder of CitiusRemex

Jacob started his rowing carrier in 2004. The year 2006, Jacob turned to be a part of the national team. Many years in the sport has provided him with unique insight in rowing equipment that needs adjustments and optimization.

He has won an Olympic Bronze medal, two World Champion titles and two European champion titles in the lightweight mens tour and is the world record holder in the Danish Lightweight Four.

Jacob is currently studying a Master of Science in Business Administration and Commercial Law at Copenhagen Business School where he expects to graduate in January 2016.

About the seat: “Rowing shouldn’t be a pain in the ass – my vision is to improve all existent rowing seats in rowing machines and rowing boats.”

When it comes to rowing, Eskild Ebbesen is a legend. He has participated in five Olympic Games and won five medals – three of gold and two of bronze. Eskild holds a Master of Science in Sports and Health. Through his education and through rowing, he has established remarkable biomechanical knowledge and knowledge about how the body works.

Eskild has had much challenge using conventional rowing seats himself, and has a lot of experience of how to make adjustments on existing seats to avoid discomfort while rowing. We are happy to have Eskild and his knowledge on board in CitiusRemex.