Who is Sverri Nielsen?

Citius Remex zooms in on one of the loyal users of the ProW seat, Sverri Nielsen, from Denmark.

After two stunning victories in the men’s single scull at the latest World Cups, Sverri is the one to beat at the World Championships in late August.

Sverri Nielsen, born on the Faroe Islands, came to Denmark in the beginning of the 2010’ies with one purpose: He wanted to qualify for the Olympics. In the early stage of his career, Sverri showed great physical performance, impressive erg scores and the highest VO2 max ever measured in Denmark.

Though, the results abstained from going Sverri’s way, and in 2016 he just missed out, only few hundreds of a second, of the crucial qualification spot for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

In May 2018, things started to change for Sverri with Thomas Poulsen rejoining the Danish national team as coach for Sverri Nielsen. Together, the duo has worked hard on cracking the code of applying the tremendous power to boat speed. This has been the plan, since Valerie Kleshnev due to his biomechanical measurements concluded to Sverri, that “you only create pain”, without creating significant noat speed. No doubt that Sverri would be Mike Tety’s wet dream.

Despite, the partnership is still at an early stage, the duo has showed great performance with winning the two latest World Cups, in Poznan and Rotterdam respectively.

So what is the reason why Sverri all a sudden shows great boat speed? In CitiusRemex’ opinion, Sverri shows a much more energy efficient rowing style letting the boat run in the recovery phase. It is obvious to see that Thomas Poulsen has improved the way Sverri sits in the boat.

At CitiusRemex, we are of course insanely proud of the fact that Sverri is a loyal and satisfied user of the ProW seat and has been that since launching the ProW in 2015. Especially taking into consideration that Sverri has had back problems during the last two World Cups.

We have talked with Sverri, telling us that he will soon fly to Austria where he will be in training camp until the World Championships in Linz. Due to the windy Danish weather, Sverri has planned to leave earlier than the rest of the team to benefit from the optimal Austrian flat-water conditions. Extremely interesting to see what he is able to achieve during the next three weeks.

Facts about Sverri’s use of ProW

Sverri started to use the ProW seat in 2015, where the product was launched, he still uses the seat today.

Sverri applies the ProW on the erg and in the boat. When we asked him to comment on this article, he explicitly told us that “I recommend the seat to everyone who has trouble sitting on traditional seats in the boat or in the erg. Without the seat, it would be much more difficult for me to achieve great results in both disciplines.

He started to use the ProW because he struggled with soreness and bruises around the sitting bones due to bad rowing seats.

Though, the ProW makes him sit a bit higher, we were not able to find something which he does not like about the seat.

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