WOOCS 1.2.1

Prow adjustable high


Whats in the Box:

  • ProW high seat – Black in colour
  • ProW foam inserts for adjustable support level
  • ProW user manual

High versus Standard Seat

The high pad offers a extra large raised area in the middle of the seat for those looking to redistribute additional weight away from their glute area.


The ProW has an innovative shape that relives bottom pain, helps you to sit tall at the finish of the stroke and assists in the transition to recovery positions thereby helping to improve your rowing.

It differs from conventional rowing seats in the many ways:

  • It has a “saddle/projection in the middle and the holes are elliptical to create optimal pressure distribution
  • ProW has an opening for the tailbone and a projection in the back which helps to improve technique
  • The projection simply makes it easier to sit up in the finish, and go from stroke to recovery phase




Julien Bahain

Olympic and World Medallist

Long Ergos have always been a tough during my rowing career. After 10-15 minutes, I would start shifting around trying to find a more comfortable position. When you sit on an ergo for 90 minutes, sometimes more, it becomes very painful. In February 2015, I had back surgery.
I recovered well thanks to a strict rehabilitation protocol and an am .... read more


LM4X bronze medalists

“We are all very excited about the ProW! Even our coach says that we row much better with the seats than without the seats; with the ProW we are able to tilt of the hip and the lower back.” “Vi er alle meget begejstret for ProW! Vores træner siger endda, at vi ror meget bedre med sæderne, da vi kommer til at kippe mere i hoften og læn .... read more

Tale Fiskerstrand

W1X, Norwegian National Team rower:

“Jeg elsker mitt nye sete i båten! Det er så mye bedre! Så jeg ville bare si tusen takk.” (Norwegian) “I love my new seat in the boat! It is so much better! So I just wanted to say thank you.” .... read more

Kevin Scott

Ligue Languedoc-Roussillon d’Aviron

“I have received and tried the seat pad too… Great surprise! First feeling: Weird, felt uncomfortable, with a strange sensation that the middle surface came too close of my anus. But when I started rowing it changed my mind!
The greatest point is that it immediately helps you to straight the lower back! This is a key point, both for pe .... read more

Nina Hollesen

Danish National Team rower

“I use the ProW seat every day – I simply cannot do training in the rowing machine without it.” “Jeg bruger ProW rosædet hver dag – jeg kan simpelthen ikke træne i romaskinen uden det.” (Danish) .... read more

Regitze Bay

Elite rower, Bagsvaerd Rowing Club

“The ProW seat helped me through a very tough and hard training period. Earlier, I needed two conventional seat pads and a towel to row, but still I had pain; now I use ProW, and I’m able to row intensively without pain.” “ProW sædet hjalp mig igennem en meget hård og lang træningsperiode. Jeg er gået fra at ro med to gummisæder sa .... read more

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