Buy a ProW rowing seat with Foam inserts or All Extras and get 1 kg of Noutron Endurance Premium Energy for free. 


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We offer you a 50 days full return guarantee. If you regret you buy of the ProW seat, you are welcome to return it to us within 50 days. Send it back to us, and we will refund the cost of the seat.

THE PROW 2.0 SEAT Rowing pad ProW 2.0 has the well-known innovative shape that relieves bottom pain, helps you to sit tall at the finish of the stroke and assists in the transition from finish to recovery position thereby improving your rowing. It differs from conventional rowing seats in many ways:

  • It has a ‘saddle’/projection in the middle and the holes are elliptical to create optimal pressure distribution
  • ProW has an opening for the tailbone and a projection in the back which helps to improve your technique
  • The projection simply makes it easier to sit up in the finish and go from stroke to recovery phase

Find the user guide here: ProW user manual (click to read the manual online)


Extra gear: 

To get the full rowing experience the ProW seat pad, you can add extra gear:

  • ProW bag for seat pad
  • ProW foam inserts for adjustable support level, incl. velcro fastening solution

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  1. siteadmin

    Wiktor Chabel:

    Generally, the most significant change is the feeling that pelvis is set up straight during the stroke and release. It also helps a little bit to come back after the end of the stroke. This body setting may cause another perceptible effect – better leg drive. Summarising the above, rowing at higher strokes is little bit more enjoyable.

    The ProW adheres to a bigger surface of the body than standard seats meaning that there is less pain caused during long training sessions. For instance, change in skin damage is noticeable.

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