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Wiktor Chabel

Generally, the most significant change is the feeling that pelvis is set up straight during the stroke and release. It also helps a little bit to come back after the end of the stroke. This body setting may cause another perceptible effect – better leg drive. Summarising the above, rowing at higher strokes is little bit more enjoyable.

The ProW adheres to a bigger surface of the body than standard seats meaning that there is less pain caused during long training sessions. For instance, change in skin damage is noticeable.

M4X, Poland

Instagram: @wiktorchabel

Luca Rambaldi

The ProW Low gives me the right support by distributing the weight on the seat without making it feel inappropriate.

M4X, Italy

Instagram: @rambo.luca

Emma Twigg

I have been loving the low seat pad, and now can’t row without it. Look forward to it and sitting on one in Tokyo!!

W1X, New Zealand

Instagram: @twigg_emma

Sverri Nielsen

Sverri started to use the ProW seat in 2015, where the product was launched, he still uses the seat today.

Sverri applies the ProW on the erg and in the boat. When we asked him to comment on this article, he explicitly told us that “I recommend the seat to everyone who has trouble sitting on traditional seats in the boat or in the erg. Without the seat, it would be much more difficult for me to achieve great results in both disciplines.

He started to use the ProW because he struggled with soreness and bruises around the sitting bones due to bad rowing seats.

Though, the ProW makes him sit a bit higher, we were not able to find something which he does not like about the seat.

M1X, Denmark

Instagram: @sverrinielsen

Kjetil Borch

University of Virginia. I gotta say… the Citius Remex seat pad has been a welcome change. The butt numbness is significantly reduced and I’m no longer shifting around due to discomfort on longer efforts.

M4X, Poland

Instagram: @wiktorchabel

Bill Chambers (rowing coach)

I love this seat pad. I use it in the boat and especially on the ergo. It has totally solved the cramps I used to experience in the hamstrings and ass after 45-minutes on the ergo or in the boat. At first it did feel a little strange to use. It took a few uses to get used to the different position on the seat, and the unique contouring. I thought I may need to use some double sided tape or velcro, to fix the pad in place, yet the seat stays put. To feel super secure, I may start to use Double sided Velcro tape, to attach the seat in the boat 

Joachim Sutton

Joachim Sutton

M2-, Denmark

Instagram: @joachim_sutton

Fred Vystavel

Frederic Vystavel

M2-, Denmark

Instagram: @fredvyst

ProW users

Gary O’Donnovan

Hugo Boucheron

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