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CitiusRemex Rowing Seat Pads

It all accelerated in Spring 2013

Steffen had trouble sitting on the indoor rowing seats and seats on the water – his legs simply fell asleep. Therefore, he contacted a surgical appliance maker who helped him trying to find a solution.

In January 2014 Jacob also experienced serious problems with his bottom after a long winter season on the indoor rowing machine – so serious that he had two block anaesthesias to remove the pain and inflammation.

Nyt indhold. The two elite rowers decided to establish CitiusRemex. ‘Citius’ means ‘Faster’ (from the Olympic motto). ‘Remex’ means Rower – ‘Faster Rower’.

“To protect our rights we decided to potent the seat using a well-reputed patent agent. Right now the patent is pending. Alter this, we have used a lot of time, money and testing persons to develop the ErgSeat. We now believe to have found the right shape and materiel to relieve bottom pain. We expect to be able to produce seats before Christmas”


  • 1993 – Eskild Ebbesen has serious problems sitting on a rowing machine.
  • 1993 – Eskild Ebbesen develops a speciel seat with help from a surgical appliance.
  • 1993-2012 – Eskild Ebbesen rows his entire career on a speciel seat.
  • 2013 – Steffen Jensen has problems sitting on a rowing machine and rowing on the water. Rowing more than 20 minutes makes his legs fall asleep.
  • 2013 – Steffen develops a speciel seat for the erg and the water from a surgical appliance maker.
  • 2014 – Jacob Barsøe gets two block anaesthesias to remove the poin and inflammation from a muscle injury caused by rowing on the rowing machines: Jacob is forced to take a one month’s break from rowing to get rid ol it.
  • 2014 – Jacob, Eskild and Steffen talk about making a new rowing seat for rowing machines and beats.
  • 2014 – Eskild. Steffen and Jacob invent a rowing seat to relieve pain from rowing.
  • 2014 – The invention is currently patent pending.
  • 2016 – A new model is developed known as ProW Low
  • 2017 – CitiusRemex enters into a cooperation with Quiske

Citius Remex

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